MAXCO is a group of members experienced founded in 2009 derived from the actual demand on  the transportation of goods of African customers from Vietnam to West & South Africa by sea and air, in which, we highly appreciate the precious collaboration of a very good friend of Africa. It is the fully licensed - privately owned Logistics Company based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam offering Global Logistics Services.

In 2010 we set-up our domestic agency network in Haiphong (VN northern) and Danang (VN central) and as from 2011, our global agency network has been developed and extended. This makes us more confident and in fact we have explored series market regions such as USA, Latin America, West Africa, EU, Mediterranean, South Pacific Islands, Gulf and Asia through our shipping services loaded on over 45 shipping lines & 6 airlines from Vietnam by our well-trained team who have experienced at Jardine Shipping Services, DSR-Senator Lines, Hyundai Merchant Marine, UASC, NileDutch, Kyowa Shipping, Hanjin Shipping, ZIM, CMA/CNC, Sharjak, Hoang Ha, Geodis & Schenker.







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