Project cargo logistics


MAXCO identify Project Cargo needs and organize and integrate the means, transport routes and communications then we plan the actions based on our customers’ targets. We will analyze the cargo to choose the best means and the most suitable routes in container ship and in break-bulk vessel and RO-RO, Special Land Transport, Project Cargo, Chartering.
Through our Global Agents network, we offer international coverage and solutions.

We are able to handle project and heavy lift cargo in the fields of Oil & Gas, Rail, Steel, Cement, Power, Heavy Engineering and Automotive including items like manufacturing equipment, air conditioners, factory components, generators, wind turbines, military equipment, and almost any other oversized or overweight cargo which is too big or too heavy to fit into a container.

The movement of Special Cargo will be handled with complete and careful coordination keeping in mind the project schedules and requisite safety requirements, in which we are well capable for delivering customized solution for each and any project we undertake by providing:

  • Cargo Inspection Services
  • Route & Load Feasibility Study
  • Cargo Lashing Services
  • Inland Destination Delivery and Logistics
  • On Site Supervision
  • Freight Management including pre-carriage & cross boarder formalities
  • Heavy Lift Cargo Aircraft Charter Services
  • Heavy Lift Cargo Ship Charter Services
  • Risks Management and Assets Protection

Cargoes come in all shapes and sizes. Over-sized and special cargoes, with their unique requirements, can be especially challenging.  At MAXCO, we are ready to meet the challenge.

Special Cargo Features :

Open top containers are designed for cargoes that are to be handled with overhead cranes or high-masted fork-lift trucks such as light machinery, over-height cargo, etc.

Flat-rack containers with a strong platform are suitable to carry heavy cargo and oversized cargo such as steel materials and machinery. The lack of sidewalls allows considerable flexibility in loading and is especially useful in transporting long cargoes. Oversized items such as yachts can be stowed on several flat rack containers set side-by-side together onboard vessels.

B.B. cargo is O.O.G. cargo that does not fit in an open top or a flat rack container because the cargo’s weight exceeds the container maximum payload and/or its dimensions exceed a single flat rack container, such as large yachts, large factory components, large machines, etc.
B.B. cargoes are loaded on flat rack containers (several assembled side-by-side) or platform containers.
B.B. cargoes are accepted alongside of the vessel and are delivered alongside of the vessel.

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