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Door Delivery

Door Delivery

Based on our worldwide agency network, we are proud of bringing Door to Door service to our customers who have import/export demand of shipments by FCL, LCL or by air.

There are many steps in door delivering process that requires experienced and skilled logistics company who can help offering :

  • several shipping options
  • consulting HS code/shipping marks/labels
  • calculating quantity of cartons/boxes to load into container
  • saving shipping cost
  • avoid demurrage/detention charges
  • shortening transit time and customs clearance
  • keeping track of the shipments

Our customers just simply provide us shipment details, shipment plan, designated receiving location/address. We then take care of all with all-inclusive shipping services fee (under term DAP: Delivered at Place) of :

  • Pick up from Shipper’s location
  • Shipping documents
  • Customs clearance both sides
  • Cargo Insurance (Chubb)
  • International Freight transport
  • Local charges/surcharges both sides
  • Door Delivery at destination (except destination duty/tax)

That’s the work we have done weekly so far