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Temperature Controlled

Temperature Controlled

RF containers are designed to keep the temperature of the goods during transportation.

We have written Temperature Controlled Notebook backed by 12 years’ experience in Cold Treatment cargo.

Depending on type of Goods, the temp is differently set.

Depending on destination ports or markets, GW is differently advised.

Please pay high attention on below important points :

Do not interrupt airflow:

– For free air circulation, leave space between cargo and doors

– Goods should not be stowed above the red line

– All air vents must be checked and set to meet your requirements

Check-list before sending the container to the port :

– The container should be in good working status

– The generator should be in good working status, and the fuel tank must be full

– The temperature is set as requested

– Air vent openings are set completely

– The container is sealed

– The driver must immediately report any changes if any during land transportation

Right after gate-in container, the driver is repsonsible to check and make sure :

– The container is still in good working status

– The container is immediately plugged-in after discharged at right terminal

Specials Notes :

〉 Clients should check Air Battle Plate (ABP) inside RF containers before leaving port and/or before cargo stuffing at Port/Warehouse. Without this plate, the temp is uncontrolled that may cause cargo damaged. Therefore, please don’t start cargo stuffing without ABP but must update us directly. At per carrier’s advise, this plate is usually lost during the trip when RF containers leave port to Clients’ warehouse.

〉 Before stuffing, clients make sure :

– All four drainage openings are clear;

– The required temperature and air vent settings are clearly stated.

〉 When stuffing, clients should :

– Check for and remove damaged fruit, because it can have a negative effect on the rest of the fruit in the container;

– The container should be opened as close as possible to the cold warehouse and the refrigeration unit should not be operated before or during stowing;

– Only activate the refrigeration unit after closing the container. We make sure RF Containers are completed of PTI before empty released. Certainly, Cargo Insurance is an option that should be considered.

We make sure RF Containers are completed of PTI before empty released.

Certainly, Cargo Insurance is an option that should be considered.

You may need :

1. Recommended Refrigeration Guidelines for Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

2. Recommended Temperature for Dairy, Fish, Meat and Other Products

While you have Fruits from Mekong Delta region, or from Lam Dong province, or you have Seafoods in VN South area, you need an experienced agent to offer solution of Freight, Logistics activities, and Valued Advice of Temp control during land and sea transportation, you can get well consulted from us.

And, you may have more questions and handling experience shared, please let us know.