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Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance

For any shipment import or export, Customs Clearance is the required and top important step of the shipping process. All the goods must be declared to the customs. And we know how to get it done smoothly.

You are concerning about which customs clearance documents required for import or export shipments, and duties/taxes to pay for the destination government, and how to do/declare for special shipments such as cosmetics, fruits, machines, exhibition goods, auto accessories, temporarily import/reexport, temporarily export/reimport, repaired machines, damaged machines, project shipments, etc. Our experience is a solution.

After years in operation, we have found that the most concerned case happened to customers is the export shipment being returned to Vietnam due to some reasons of quality, damage, payment, new import regulations, import license, etc. Especially reveresed reefer shipments that required quick process to avoid/minimize demurrage and plug-in charges.. Please don’t worry and just leave all to us to handle. We are an expert of handling Import and Reverse Shipments to Vietnam.

Our team will prepare all required documents for customers to check and sign.

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