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International Air Freight and Consolidation

International Air Freight and Consolidation

Clients need Air transport for rush shipments in some certain situations related to delivery deadlines, overbooked vessels, temperature-and time-sensitive items, on-demand delivery, sample shipments, or fashion items, or for special events of Christmas, New Year seasons, etc..

Clients need Air transport Courier services for international eCommerce Goods, E-packets selling from their online shops or through overseas marketplaces.

Clients need an professional agent in VN to handle all their Origin logistics activities (including pickup, sorting, wrapping, wooden/carton packing, fumigating, customs clearance/handling at airport TCS/SCSC) and loading on world class airline/courier to make sure Goods are quick delivered to their overseas end buyers.

We offer daily operation and consolidation at our cargo station for daily flight to both our overseas cargo hub and to destination airport.

We also accept Fruits, Trees, Seeds, Cake, Cosmetics, Garments, Foods, plucked Zither, Wine, and other special goods beside eGoods, commercial Goods, and basis personal Goods.

We have been providing this service in years to serve our clients both local/global entrepreneurs and individuals/sole traders for both domestics and international shipments.

Our well-trained and experienced team will create solutions customized for each case so that clients will have options of cost saving but safe & quick delivery.

You may need more details and further support with a efficient solution, please discuss with our team.