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Shipping Documents support

Shipping Documents support

Are you concerning about what shipping documents mean to your international shipments? While there are some compulsory documents, there are still some depending on shipment’s destination, type of goods, consignee’s request, etc.

Don’t worry as we are here to help you know well exactly which documents required when shipping your freights both export and import.

After operating thousands of shipments as from our 1st day of business, we have handled all these documents to support our clients’ shipments.

Type of Documents Leadtime Services Fee
Purchasing Order 1/2 day Free
Sales Contract 1/2 day Free
Commercial Invoice and Packing List 1/2 day Free
Certificate of Origin 1-2 days Check
Certificate of Phyto-Sanitary 1-2 days Check
Certificate of Health 1-2 days Check
Certificate of Fumigation 1-2 days Check
Certificate of Radiation 1-2 days Check
Certificate of Quantity / Quality 1-2 days Check
Certificate of Cargo Insurance 1-2 days Check
Certificate of ECTN for shipments to Africa countries 1-2 days Check
Customs Declaration 1-2 days Check
Shipper’s Shipping Instruction (S/I) 1/2 day Free
AES/AMS/ISF filing 1-2 days At Cost
Bill of Lading & Air Way Bill 1 day At Cost

The leadtime is important especially for Air shipments and for Short-haul Ocean shipments (Intra Asia) with transit time 2-3 days. Our team understand how this critical tasks are. We get it well done.

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