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International Ocean Freight and CY cargo stuffing

International Ocean Freight and CY cargo stuffing

For clients who prefer direct routing to shorten transit time, we know how to help as we know which carriers to book the freight and space matching clients’ budget and shipping schedule.

For clients who need to gate in the part of full of container shipments too early against booked ETD due to their warehouse space issue, we know how to help without extra cost or just with small handling fee.

For clients who prefer CY stuffing at Cat Lai (e.g Rice at B125) but it is overbooked and in waiting list, we know how to help to get bigger support of port authority or come up with solutions of alternative CY stuffing places where able to match the booking of vessel and ETD.

For clients who send LCL shipments and ask for pick up service ex Factories to Port Consolidation Hub, we know how to arrange the according fleets able to match the SI and WH cut-off.

For clients who must pick up series of empty containers at ICDs but their barge must queue in the line, we know how to help to have priority support.

For clients who based in another country need us to ship cargoes from any origin country to any destinations, we know how to help to well manage the freights remotely.

Quotation – Booking – Container pick up – POL Customs Clearance – Documentation & VGM cut-off – Cargo cut-off – Vessel departure – Vessel arrival – POD Customs Clearance – Container delivery – Container return

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